Blog: Install PHP APC on Snow Leopard

Download the latest stable release of APC. (At time of writing, this is APC-3.0.19)

Uncompress the files and use terminal to go into the directory with the source files. Run the following command.

cd APC-3.0.19/APC-3.0.19/

This should work with no problems. Next run:


Ah - here's some trouble. You should run into an error like this:

/APC-3.0.19/APC-3.0.19/php_apc.c:959: error: duplicate 'static'
make: *** [php_apc.lo] Error 1

Not a problem. Load up the file php_apc.c in a text editor. Find line 959 and delete the word "static". Go back into terminal and run make again.


APC should now compile without any problems.

sudo make install

We should now have a shared extension in /usr/lib/php/extensions/.

Now all that is left to do is tell your php.ini file that you'd like apc loaded. Add the following lines to your /etc/php.ini file.

extension = apc.so

Save and restart apache.

sudo apachectl restart

Now load up a phpinfo() page. You should now see the following.

APC Support  enabled
Version  3.0.19
MMAP Support  Enabled
MMAP File Mask  no value
Locking type  File Locks
Revision  $Revision: $
Build Date  Mar 26 2010 15:58:42

Congrats! You just installed APC on Snow Leopard. Enjoy all that caching goodness.

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